Sustainable development

Find out about École des Ponts ParisTech’s involvement in sustainable development.

The evaluation of France’s higher education institutions on SD&SR criteria

École des Ponts ParisTech regularly evaluates its sustainable development and social responsibility practices (SD&SR), on the basis of the Loi Grenelle criteria proposed by the Conferences of the Grandes Écoles Conference and of University Presidents. A level of self-assessment and an action plan have been set for each set of criteria. 

The 2015-2019 performance contract

Our third performance contract covers the period 2015-2019 and incorporates three SD objectives.

•    To reinforce education in the key spheres of sustainable development: in this domain, the School has established a framework of sustainable development skills that has been used to draw up a framework for the incorporation of these priorities into engineering programs. It has developed its range of humanities and social science courses within the engineering programs in order to support this objective.
•    To incorporate sustainable development into the day-to-day life of the School: an evaluation based on the SD&SR criteria has been conducted and presented to the School Council.
•    To contribute to the national strategy of ecological transition to sustainable development (2015-2020): the School has undertaken to commit almost 100% of its research force to the following four priorities: a circular and low-carbon economy; new economic and business models; knowledge production, research, and innovation for ecological transition; and education and training in ecological transition and sustainable development.

The “Exemplary School” reporting mechanism

Included in the “Director’s Report” presented annually to the School Council, this reporting mechanism provides a summary of the key sustainable development indicators and targets. 

Teaching and sustainable development

Sustainable development is present in all the educational curricula, though in varying proportions, and several degree programs are very explicitly linked with sustainable development:

Assessing student knowledge - Sustainability Literacy Test 

The Rio+20 conference (United Nations conference on sustainable development held in Brazil in June 2012)  emphasized the essential role that higher education institutions need to play in the spread of sustainable development concepts. In relation to this, the question that arises today is: do graduates of higher education establishments and universities possess the knowledge they need on these issues to make their career choices in full knowledge of the facts?

In light of this, such institutions have introduced a Sustainability Literacy Test, an instrument designed to assess how much higher education students know about sustainable development. 

215 universities around the world have signed up for this test and 15 schools, including École des Ponts ParisTech, are actively involved in its preparation. 

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Research on sustainable development

  • 15 academic chairs linked with SD, including 7 chairs directly focusing on SD priorities
  • A member of the Sustainable Mobility Institute (Electric Mobility System Project and World Vision for the Emergence of Electric Mobility)
  • Research Themes and Laboratories in Materials and Structures; City, Transportation, Territories; Environment; Economics and Finance.
  • In particular, climate change issues are the focus of research for more than 40 researchers and PhD students.

The Coriolis Building 

Certified with the High Energy Performance label, this is one of the few education buildings in France to have achieved an exceptional level in the construction phase. It obtained the “exceptional” ranking in the NF HQE Tertiary Buildings category on January 17, 2014. The building’s achieves consumption 50% below the benchmark level, since the real recorded gain in consumption is 114%. This exceptional performance makes the building eligible for the highest energy performance label issued by CertiVéa: the BEPOS label.

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Student life

Dévelop’Ponts, a School student association set up in 2001, works to raise awareness of Sustainable Development among stakeholders.