Scholarships and mobility grants


Erasmus + program (international credit mobility)

École des Ponts ParisTech is a part of the Erasmus + program and of the “international credit mobility” framework , which supports our exchange programs with some of our partners outside Europe.  Possible funding includes travel expenses and a monthly allowance of 850 euros.

The project submitted by École des Ponts ParisTech under the Erasmus + program’s call for projects: “International credit mobility” received support and funding from the European Commission. In 2019 the programme has been renewed for Iran, covering the cost of international mobility for students admitted in the framework of our dual degree with the University of Tehran.

International students admitted from both countries can receive support from the European Commission, with travel expenses and a monthly scholarship of up to 850 euros.

Scolarship of Fondation des Ponts

Fondation des Ponts ParisTech offers scholarships each year for international students admitted to our engineering degree program, for an average value of 10 000€. 

Social criteria scholarships

École des Ponts ParisTech also provides some scholarships based on social eligibility criteria, in other words annual household income. The amounts of these scholarships are based on each student’s financial situation: annual income and household income. 

Corporate fellowships

École des Ponts ParisTech has strong links with industry and some scholarships may be awarded to international students admitted to the schools (Meridiam, Lafarge, Saint-Gobain…). The eligibility criteria and fellowships conditions depend on each program.

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Below, for information purposes, is a list of scholarships available to foreign students coming to study at École des Ponts ParisTech

  • Master Ile de France scholarship
  • Eiffel Scholarships (Foreign Affairs Ministry)
  • French government scholarship
  • Scholarships from the French Embassy in Japan
  • Bilateral Franco-Moroccan Cooperation Scholarships
  • French Ministry of Education Scholarships
  • Franco-German University scholarships (exclusively for students in the double-degree program with Technische Universität München)
  • BRAFITEC scholarships (Brazil)
  • AGAUR scholarships for Catalan students (Generalitat de Catalunya)

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