Scientific information

The Scientific and Technical Information (IST) section develops expertise in finding information, documentary intelligence, and knowledge management. Its role is to inform and train researchers in IST problems, while anticipating new needs. The IST section’s focus is therefore to work for better use of documentary tools and resources by the scientific community. In addition, it actively contributes to the international impact of the School’s laboratories through its involvement in the dissemination of scientific publications on an open access basis.

Activities of the IST section

The IST Section provides a “pick and mix” service covering a range of activities. 
All the services and resources aimed at researchers are grouped in the Researcher page. This online space seeks to facilitate access to resources and information that fall within the remit of the IST section, but also offers a document supply module and an innovative data handling services.

In addition, and in order to meet the needs of researchers as effectively as possible, document specialists have been appointed for each laboratory under the École des Ponts ParisTech umbrella, to coordinate and mediate the activities of the IST section.


In collaboration with the laboratory document specialists, the IST section distributes welcome guides to researchers and meets new arrivals to give them information and training on the document services and resources available in each of the laboratories.
Personalized training is provided on request on subjects such as finding documentary resources, adding materials to the HAL-Enpc open archive, the use of the bibliographical reference system, etc. 


Fully committed to the open access movement, the IST section runs an “open access group” of researchers and document specialists. This group discusses the problems raised by open access, debates current issues, educates the research community on good practices, seeks feedback, and presents projects.
Open Access Week is an important event in the life of the section, which is an active participant: stand, posters, information, presentations, etc.
In addition, an IST newsletter is sent 3 times a year to a broad cross-section of researchers at the School.

Assistance with document engineering

The IST Section trains and assists researchers in the use of certain tools for the management and dissemination of their research: EndNote, Zotero, Mendeley, Evernote, imports/exports and HAL tools, document searches, etc.
It also performs text-mining and data-mining operations to help researchers handle large volumes of information.
It also produces bibliometric studies regularly and on request.
Find all these services in Le Lab on the researcher page.

Provision of documentary resources

The IST Section, through the laboratory-based document specialists, manages the laboratory libraries and makes available scientific texts and articles that would not be available through the School’s resources.
Requests for documents must be entered on a special form.

Services to the laboratories: pick and mix!

A dedicated document specialist is assigned to each laboratory. She can meet your needs in terms of finding documents and documentary tools. She can train and help you to add documents to HAL.


Frédérique Bordignon, head of the IST Section
+33 (0)1 64 15 34 62