Pedagogical ressources

The primary function of the Pedagogical Resource section is to support students throughout their education. It is responsible for running the Learning Centre, ensuring that the different services, resources, and spaces are available to as many people as possible. Its essential role is to manage a document collection specializing in engineering techniques. The Pedagogical Resource section has a particular focus on users and develops personalized training and information activities.

Activities of the Pedagogical Resource section


Every year, the archivists of the Pedagogical Resource section welcome, educate, and train students in skills such as searching for documents, querying databases, and formatting bibliographical references.
Every student can request an individual appointment with the his or her program’s document specialist to obtain assistance with research or training on bibliographical tools.
Teachers also receive support from document specialists in their teaching activities (identification of teaching related digital tools, citation of bibliographical references in classes, etc.).


Reference texts on document resources and services are available at Learning Centre des Ponts reception.
The Pedagogical Resource section’s news and information are shown on screens located near the Learning Centre and on social networks (Twitter Account @BibdesPonts, École des Ponts ParisTech Facebook page, UPont internal student network).

Provision of document resources

At the heart of the School, Learning Centre des Ponts is a place of information, work, and social exchange. Students can find all the information they need to succeed in their educational program and to document their projects:

  • course manuals,
  • language learning methods,
  • course materials from previous years’ programs,
  • student assignments in paper format for older work, in electronic format since 2011,
  • texts that provide in-depth content on the subjects taught at the School,
  • general and specialist press,
  • numerous electronic resources (thematic databases, journals, e-books) accessible remotely to registered users,
  • subject-based bibliographical guidance accessible from the document portal.

Acquisition proposals

Do you need a book that is not in the library?
Suggest that we acquire it by sending the reference to bibliotheque[@]
This service is restricted to students, teachers, researchers, and staff of the School

For further information

Go to the document portal at



Florence Rieu, head of the Pedagogical Resource Section
+33 (0)1 64 15 34 11