Missions & Organisation

To disseminate knowledge in the School’s domains of expertise is the primary task of the Documentation, Archives, and Legacy Service.
The School is an official “associate document center” affiliated to France’s National Library in the field of civil engineering.

This mission comprises 3 sections and the archive function

  • “Pedagogical Resources” Section around the Learning Centre

Supports students throughout their time at the School, facilitates access to knowledge by providing resources, services, and spaces designed for the different programs.

  • “Scientific and technical information” Section around the research laboratories

Manages 5 research libraries, provides electronic resources, maintains a document supply service, provides assistance in document handling, and contributes to the valorization of scientific publications on the HAL-ENPC portal, as well as alerts on the theses defended at the School’s laboratories on the Theses.fr and PASTEL portals. 

  • “Legacy” Section

Is responsible for classifying, conserving, and enriching the School’s legacy collections.

  • The “archives” mission

Is responsible for collecting, managing, and conserving archives belonging to or deposited at the School.

Domains of expertise

  • Civil engineering and construction
  • Mechanical engineering and materials science
  • Industrial engineering
  • Mathematics and computer science
  • Cities, Environment, Transportation
  • Social Sciences

Our users

  • Engineering students
  • Masters and MBA des Ponts students
  • Teachers and researchers
  • Staff of the School, of Université Paris-Est, and of partner institutions
  • Auditors and anyone interested in the School’s fields of expertise


Director of the Documentation, Archives, and Legacy Department
+33 (0)1 64 15 36 90