Learning centre

Ecole des Ponts ParisTech's library, La Source, is opened for students and members of Ponts'community. For others publics, please contact bibliotheque@enpc.fr

Access to documentary resources

  • 2 websites with all research tools : for students, teachers and large public > https://bibliotheque.enpc.fr and for researchers and PHD : https://espacechercheurs.enpc.fr/fr
  • 12,000 e-books and 15,000 scientific journals can be accessed remotely via the “Electronic resources“ section of the document portal or via the Researcher page
  • 1000 documents from the legacy collection can be accessed on the Digital legacy library
  • documents from the collection and archives can still be consulted by appointment, despite the closure.
  • To access documents from the collection, contact: fondsancien@enpc.fr and go to the “History & Heritage” page.
  • For archives, contact: archives@enpc.fr and go to the “Archives” page.
Guidance & advice 
  • a chat service with instant answers to your questions is available on the document portal and the Researcher page : http://bit.ly/TchatBibPonts
  • personalized assistance is provided by the relevant archivists in the faculty departments and the laboratories:

1A, IMI, SEGF, DFL, MS et MBA : florence.rieu@enpc.fr
GCC, GMM : marie-laure.pare@enpc.fr
VET, SHS : johanna.descher@enpc.fr
GI, ME310 : brunilde.renouf@enpc.fr
Masters : delphine.du-pasquier@enpc.fr
LEESU, CEREA, CIRED, HM&CO : frederique.bordignon@enpc.fr
CERMICS, Navier, LIGM : romain.boistel@enpc.fr
LVMT, Latts, LHSV : delphine.du-pasquier@enpc.fr

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15,000 journals
21 databases
12,000 e-books
2000 student assignments

By appointment

80,000 documents from the legacy collections
1000 linear meters of administrative and private archives
Collections of objects (busts, pictures, scientific instruments, etc.)