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Due to the sanitary context, Ecole des Ponts ParisTech's library, La Source, is temporary closed. Please, find a take-away service to the following address until July 17 and between August 24 to 28 : https://bit.ly/DriveDocPonts The library will open on August 31.

The service continue

Students, teachers, and researchers at the School will continue to have access to documentary resources and personalized services throughout the complex period.

Access to documentary resources
  • 2 websites with all research tools : for students, teachers and large public > https://bibliotheque.enpc.fr and for researchers and PHD : https://espacechercheurs.enpc.fr/fr
  • 12,000 e-books and 15,000 scientific journals can be accessed remotely via the “Electronic resources“ section of the document portal or via the Researcher page
  • 1000 documents from the legacy collection can be accessed on the Digital legacy library
  • documents from the collection and archives can still be consulted by appointment, despite the closure.
  • To access documents from the collection, contact: fondsancien@enpc.fr and go to the “History & Heritage” page.
  • For archives, contact: archives@enpc.fr and go to the “Archives” page.
Guidance & advice 
  • a chat service with instant answers to your questions is available on the document portal and the Researcher page : http://bit.ly/TchatBibPonts
  • personalized assistance is provided by the relevant archivists in the faculty departments and the laboratories:

1A, IMI, SEGF, DFL, MS et MBA : florence.rieu@enpc.fr
GCC, GMM : marie-laure.pare@enpc.fr
VET, SHS : johanna.descher@enpc.fr
GI, ME310 : brunilde.renouf@enpc.fr
Masters : delphine.du-pasquier@enpc.fr
LEESU, CEREA, CIRED, HM&CO : frederique.bordignon@enpc.fr
CERMICS, Navier, LIGM : romain.boistel@enpc.fr
LVMT, Latts, LHSV : delphine.du-pasquier@enpc.fr

To find out more

Les ressources


15,000 journals
21 databases
12,000 e-books
2000 student assignments

By appointment

80,000 documents from the legacy collections
1000 linear meters of administrative and private archives
Collections of objects (busts, pictures, scientific instruments, etc.)