Advanced Master in Smart Cities Engineering and Management

In response to their energy, environmental, and demographic challenges, cities are experiencing a growing level of dysfunction: dehumanization, congestion, risk of shortages of all kinds (energy poverty, poor housing, pollution…). Governments around the world are therefore looking for innovative urbanistic solutions. However, these solutions can only be devised by professionals with a grasp of the big specialties of urban development, and their interactions. The purpose of the program is to provide the means of acquiring a combination of skills essential to specialists with these much sought-after profiles.  


The goal of this MS, in partnership with École des Ingénieurs de la Ville de Paris (EIVP), is to train experts in “urban interior design”, capable of developing integrated systems and of supporting innovative Smart City projects all around the world: smart, sustainable, digital, attractive cities, parsimonious in their use of resources and carbon, at scales from a single neighborhood to a wider territory.

This MS is an opportunity to develop know-how in the design of interdependent urban systems associated with the big functions of the city: transportation, construction, service provision, communication, sharing… 


  • A systemic vision of the city
  • Inculcation of an innovative and collaborative approach
  • International dimension
  • The close partnership with sector professionals
  • The experience and diversity of participants who represent the different actors in the sector
  • A degree program of work-study alternation, provided by a partnership of Grandes Écoles.


The Advanced Master - Mastère Spécialisé® consists of 350 hours of classes and projects, together with a professional dissertation. It is organized in an “executive” format of alternating work and study, aimed at working professionals, with one module per month for a year.
Team projects, some based on real-world briefs, constitute the backbone of the program.

Professional skills

Beyond the study of innovative technological aspects, combined with specific territorial characteristics, the goals are:

  • To develop the knowledge required to manage complex multi-stakeholder projects;
  • To anticipate changes in the economic models employed by the operators of urban functions; 
  • To provide the means to devise appropriate and innovative systems of governance, dependent on numerous, sometimes antagonistic, administrative competences.  

Your professional prospects

The skills acquired will enable participants to work in public authorities, design offices, or companies, on projects relating to the development of products or services associated with urban planning.

Who is the program aimed at?

Engineers. Architects. Urban designers. Experts in the digital city. Project Managers. Operations Managers. Public and Private Sector developers. Development consultants. Industrial Product Managers. Business Operators. Coordination directors.

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This Advanced Masters | Mastère Spécialisé® in Spatial Planning and Urban Development (AMUR) is entirely taught through French. 
For more information and to apply, please visit our French website